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Together, we can help your agents maximize sales.

Consolidate direct appointments in one place and access additional markets all from a single platform.

Increase profits and boost agent productivity.

The insurance sector's net profit margin was 6.3% in 2019. Like all other businesses, companies in the insurance sector incur costs and sell products, and they must find a profitable balance between operating costs and the prices the market will bear.

Source: Investopia

Realizing profit on high-volume, low margin on personal and small commercial business insurance has become more difficult. Increasingly, insurance distributors need solutions that provide greater operational efficiency for their agents and brokers.

bolt Unify is a turnkey solution for selling P&C insurance from a single interface. Its streamlined workflows reduce data entry, removes the friction of researching, comparing, and quoting policies and let users issue quotes faster.

Insurance distributors leverage the bolt insurance Exchange to:




Achieve operational efficiency.

Agencies, brokerages, MGAs and more use bolt to unite their direct appointments on a single platform, reducing the time it takes to quote and bind policies.

Send quotes and arrange coverage online, fast.

Use intuitive workflows that let you follow customers along their buying journeys and deliver timely prompts for cross-sell and upsell opportunities, as well as execute more efficient transactions.

Find and place the right coverage for customers, even outside appointed markets.

Access to the most comprehensive insurance distribution platform on the planet means never having to say no because you don't offer the right insurance products. bolt helps you deliver a best-in-class customer experience, connecting you to an insurance ecosystem for every kind of property and casualty protection.

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A cloud-based solution to unite direct appointments on a single platform.

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