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For mid to large agencies and brokerages

bolt Exchange Unify

Unify your direct appointments and access additional ones on a single platform.

Make more sales, not more work.

With bolt, your agents can issue quotes from multiple carriers, bind policies, and service customer insurance needs in all 50 states through a single interface.

bolt Exchange Unify is an efficient agent sales platform that helps mid to large agencies and brokerages unite carrier appointments and improve operational efficiency.

More choices mean more happy customers.

It’s that simple.

It’s that simple.

It’s that simple.

It’s that simple.

With bolt Exchange Unify, you'll maximize sales.

Streamline your direct appointments

A single interface brings efficiency.
bolt’s automated workflows let you swiftly give multiple quotes from different carriers; even allowing you to make side-by-side price comparisons. The responsive forms engine uses AI to customize customer journey and asks only the questions you need the customer to answer. The result is a workflow that’s faster, more efficient and more accurate. All while reducing costs and maximizing revenue.

Access additional markets

bolt’s platform provides access to more than 120 carriers of personal and commercial insurance.
Your agents will also continue to earn direct commissions with carriers that they have appointments with, maintaining their existing carrier relationships. Our seasoned distribution team can fill in the expertise you need to help make sure you place your client’s risk to get the best coverage for your customer.

Predictive analytics help identify new sales opportunities

bolt gives agents data-driven insights to fine tune their service offering and cross-sell to their existing customer base. Agents can also supplement their existing insurance offering by adding new products when they choose to.

Leveraging AI and machine learning

We use AI and machine learning to help automate and simplify complex processes including renewal management, commission reconciliation and policy servicing - tasks that can be highly manual and time-consuming.

Access to products from the biggest insurance carriers on one platform.

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