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Insurtech Perspectives: become the ultimate insurance destination

Start by enabling great customer experiences

Episode 1 of our new podcast features bolt Chief Executive Officer Jim Dwane discussing 4 ways people can engage with bolt, using tech to get to a faster buying decision and a lot more!

Hear Jim explain how bolt powers its users to become the ultimate insurance destination for their customers, and the importance of enabling great customer experiences.

Also in the episode:

  • How different industries are entering insurance distribution
  • Benefits of tapping into an insurance ecosystem
  • Leveraging insurance to pivot your business model
  • How insurance knowledge still matters
  • The myth of the digital journey

Insurtech Perspectives with bolt is a new podcast where we talk with the insurance veterans and tech pioneers behind bolt. We share insights on how insurtech is revolutionizing the way insurance is bought and sold. From insurance agents and brokers to real estate, telecoms, e-commerce and pretty much everything in-between. If you’re curious about how new technology is creating powerful change for the insurance industry, check it out.

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