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Uber’s Out of the Self-Driving Vehicles Race — What’s Next for Insurers?

For several years, Uber was a top name in the race toward fully autonomous, self-driving vehicles. In December 2020, however, Uber announced…
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How To Successfully Market Parametric Insurance Policies

The COVID-19 pandemic revealed a number of shortcomings in traditional insurance coverage. Many business owners, for example, discovered…
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Why Field Agents Play an Important Role for P&C Carriers

Insurance technology is changing the carrier-agent relationship, along with every other aspect of insurance. Abandoning the agent model…
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Advanced P&C Insurance Strategies for Managing High Net Worth Clients

High net worth individuals often face unique risks. Despite their financial situation, many are underinsured, especially in these unique…
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How Tech Enables Great Partnerships Between Carriers and Brokers

By acting as an intermediary between customer and insurer, brokers play a vital role in the property and casualty insurance industry…
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How Can Legacy Providers Compete With Insurtech Startups for Digital-First Consumers?

Customers’ expectations about shopping have changed. With the rise of online retailers, customers have become accustomed to researching…

Marketing Complex Commercial Tech Products

As businesses grow both in terms of size and complexity, they take on new and greater risks. The collection and storage of sensitive…

Commercial Policy Trends: Freelance Workers in the Growing Gig Economy

The gig economy continues to grow, drawing in an ever larger percentage of the U.S. workforce. As people take on contract, freelance or gig…

Delivery Drivers and Commercial Coverage: Do Businesses Have What They Need?

Millions of Americans have changed their work, recreation and shopping habits due to the pandemic. Government stay-at-home orders, doctors…

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