The Role of People, Process, Technology and Products in Your Digital Distribution Journey Part 1: The Role of People

This blog series explores four factors crucial to insurers’ success in driving digital distribution: people, process, technology, and products. Part one of the series examines the role of people in your digital distribution journey.

Consumers are demanding instant access to products and services across all industries – and this is also true for P&C insurance. As a result, carriers now face the critical problem of how to sell, market, and distribute the products consumers need in markets poised for the greatest growth. And they have to make that happen while also balancing the needs of consumers looking for both traditional and digital channels. Insurers need to discover new ways for their organizations to adapt– and quickly.1

Technology receives a great deal of attention in today’s insurance market – as it should – but an often overlooked component that can make or break an insurer’s journey into digital distribution is its people. They help to position you to provide consumers the products and services they need, when they need them, through their channel of choice.

It’s no surprise that digital channels are becoming more popular. In fact, 79 percent of consumers like the freedom of being able to research, manage, and buy insurance products digitally, 2 but some still crave a human touch.  Thirty five percent of people think the availability of online advice from insurance specialists is important, and 30 percent are more likely to buy online knowing they have access to strong phone support.3 By offering web and video chat, co-browsing, and text options, your people can quickly engage and educate consumers through their preferred communication channel.

More than anything, people equip you with the flexibility to enter new markets and offer new products to boost your market share and grow your business. The best way to seize this opportunity is to leverage a distribution platform capable of helping your people meet these goals.

Ultimately, you need to adopt a platform that gives you the tools necessary to respond to the dynamic needs of today’s consumer. In doing so, you will be positioned for greater growth through increased market share, expanded wallet share, and more loyal customers.

Learn step-by-step how to improve the success of your digital initiatives and reduce costs by 65%.  Click here to download our infographic, Step by Step. Then, stay  tuned for the second blog in the series that speaks to the role of process in your digital distribution journey.

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