BOLT Technology is a Distribution Ecosystem

The BOLT platform is the newest technology for the digital transformation of distribution channels. It is the technology behind enterprise distribution transformations, state insurance clearinghouse platforms, and many other digital transformation platforms across property and casualty products including auto, home, specialty, and commercial lines.

BOLT’s platform is made up of many underlying modules that provide access to existing or expanded insurance markets through licensed experts, streamlined processes and scalable technology.

High Level Overview of BOLT Platform


Configurable Micro-Services and Integrations

The platform is fully configurable by leveraging micro-service API’s, and an internal workflow engine, with over 6,000 extensive carrier, LOB, and state direct integrations. BOLT platform supports Online Direct, Contact Center, Agent Networks, and Affinity channels for a comprehensive view and solution ownership of each customer.

Engine Rules

BOLT Platform has rules-based interviews that configure themselves on the fly to minimize and/or customize the interview process for any product. This flexibility and agile approach enable a consistent quote, bind and service platform for all product types. The platform is efficient and effective when either processing in the field as an agent, over the phone in a call center, or even a when a consumer is self-quoting online.

BOLT Platform Architecture

The BOLT platform is designed with scalability, stability, security and resiliency as the main design features:

  • Question set & process is generated and managed by IBM ODM rules engine
  • BOLT Platform UI – fully responsive design based on Angular, Redux and web API technology
  • Entire process is achieved through platform microservices
  • Data Warehouse support for Reporting and Advanced Analytics
  • BOLT’s approach to information security is part of its services to leading insurance industry organizations conforming to their stringent security requirements
  • BOLT is certified under the ISO 27001 standard


With over 4.5 billion in premium quoted annually, and over 20,000 licensed agents using the platform, BOLT X is the newest, most successful Digital Distribution Platform in the industry.

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Multi-Line Selection

The BOLT Platform enables a multi-channel, multi-product and a choice shopping experience for both personal and commercial lines that allows customers or members of the distribution channels to shop a policy via a side-by-side comparison and also purchase and service the insurance on a single platform.

Technology Features

Results Configuration

The BOLT Platform has been designed to enable quote results from multiple providers rapidly. Also, the BOLT Platform is designed to align with the way that you conduct your business perfectly. Rate presentation is one of those areas within the BOLT Platform where business rules are configured to ensure that how quotes are presented facilitate any business rule in place.

Technology Features

3rd Party Data Prefill

The BOLT Platform supports 3rd party data calls via APIs through any part of the application process. The infrastructure and UI of the BOLT Platform support easily adding any number of data providers.

Technology Features

Rule Engine

All data mapping and business rules are stored, controlled and managed within the BOLT Platform by the Operation Decision Management (ODM) system, an IBM rules engine. This engine allows us to not only manage the business data offline but also to dynamically impact and improve the user experience by examining eligibility during the real-time interview.

Technology Features