A Successful Customer is our Only Business Strategy

What is Customer Success?

Customer success at BOLT Solutions is an organizational function that helps customers get the maximum value out our platform and services while working closely with sales, marketing, and product to achieve that goal. Customer success provides proactive outreach aimed at increasing successful outcomes for customers.

Customer success aligns closely with customer support to take customer satisfaction to the next level.

But while customer support focuses on the working reactively on the front lines — fielding one-off customer questions, issues, and requests over phone, email, live chat, and social media — customer success is focused on working proactively in partnership with customers over the course of their time working with our platform to help them get more value and share their feedback.

BOLT Customer Success and Support Resources

BOLT is obsessed with making sure our customers enjoy positive returns on investment in their distribution transformation journey. Our commitment to helping clients accelerate their time to value across each milestone is reflected across three core fundamentals to customer success that we bring to each relationship.

Integration Support: Designated BOLT professionals lead clients through onboarding and implementation. We support our customers through these critical milestones to effectively deliver on their business and technical requirements.

Business Process Engagement: Many of our clients are not experts in Distribution Transformation. We have the expertise, people, and processes to make product knowledge transfer easy and to ensure each customer becomes self-sufficient quickly across each established milestone.

Partnership: We think of ourselves as an extension of – and partner to – each customer, and not just as software or service providers. We invest significant resources and time in understanding day to day needs, long-term vision and key metrics for each client’s success to make sure they get where they need to go with BOLT Solutions.

We’re here to help.

At the start of the partnership with BOLT, clients can expect the following:

Customer Success Group: Each client is assigned a designated Customer Success Executive (CSE) that serves as the main point of contact. As the client’s trusted advisor, the CSE serves as a focal point for business planning, licensing, feature requests, support, training, and other related questions. The CSE and team host regular status meetings to support ongoing business requirements and ensure each organization is deriving the greatest value from BOLT.

Integration Consultants: Each BOLT license includes onboarding services. Designed to accelerate time to value, a dedicated Process Consultant translates client goals and vision with customized 1-1 sessions covering carrier integrations, platform configuration, services, and capacity support if needed. The goal is to go live quickly, to start smart (maybe one channel today) and scale fast (many channels in the future) while providing product and knowledge transfer for future iterations.

Support: Questions or assistance required with a BOLT implementation, post-onboarding, are submitted through our central ticketing system. Each ticket is supported by BOLT staff located in relevant geographic regions with committed response times.

Customer Experience Leaders Move Beyond a Traditional Support and Sales Approach

Customer success leaders take a proactive stance to customer management to drive deeper engagement and meet customer needs and expectations.

Sales Eff

The Customer Success Leader

  • Drives initiatives to support customer engagement and understanding of risks as well as how to mitigate them
  • Manage a customer's life cycle and add value by proactively filling needs according to life changes
  • Insurers focus on relationship building and expanding existing accounts
  • Insurers improve the renewal process, making sure consumers can seamlessly renew exactly the coverage they want at a price they want to pay
  • Partners on risk mitigation by monitoring customer account and ensuring they have access to new coverage as they need it


More Revenue

Traditional Customer Support

  • React to issue in crisis mode
  • Focus on solving customer policy requests over identifying opportunities
  • Insurers are in a constant state of acquisition as consumers switch insurers to get a better price on coverage
  • As consumers shop for a better price at each renewal, insurers spend an inordinate amount of time servicing quote requests for coverage that may never be purchased
  • Consistently seeks new customer revenue to meet monthly and quarterly sales targets

Customer success leaders support long-term growth by facilitating stronger retention, while traditional support and sales techniques focus on short-term goals with no proactive customer management.

To Achieve Their View of Success, Insurers Need to Focus on Meeting the Customer’s View of Success

At BOLT Solutions, we realize that your Customer Retention is the pathway to our retention together. It’s been well established that a 5% increase in customer retention can boost profits by 95%, but for nearly 100% of insurance consumers, loyalty to an insurer is based on the price of the coverage offered.

To consistently maintain market share, insurers need to deliver on customer needs. That means protecting them against liability and their assets against loss, but in ways that offer value and meet cost expectations. The BOLT Platform and the role of the Customer Success Group lead to many benefits.

  • Speed the quote-to-issue life cycle and enable rapid digital purchasing using automation
  • Engage efficiently through your customer’s channel of choice by facilitating a strong omnichannel environment
  • Proactively engage in a way that delivers value to the customer
  • Utilize known best in class results-based approaches

Leading Insurers Proactively Manage Customer Relationships


The essence of the BOLT Platform and our Customer Success Group is Proactive Service. Consumers want a personalized insurance journey starting with the first initial contact and continuing through product selection, purchasing, and renewal.

Customer success leaders take a proactive stance to customer management to drive deeper engagement and meet customer needs and expectations. Instead of waiting for the customer to raise a concern or seek new coverage, these insurers monitor life stages and policy needs. They are the first to raise a concern, offer new coverage and solve for problems, often before the consumer is aware of the need to act.

Every Insurer Needs to Be a Customer Success Leader, and We Can Help

In conjunction with efficient, proactive service, customers expect insurers to offer them customized product solutions aligned to their budgets and needs. BOLT supports insurers in this mission with a tightly-integrated array of services.

Journey through The BOLT Platform

Consumers and agents enter the platform through a specially designed portal.

  • Integrates all insurer policy admin systems for a single consistent view of all customer policy data and personal information
  • Facilitates a rapid and efficient omnichannel environment
  • Improves agent and CSM team productivity as well as consumer satisfaction
Customer Success Team

Customer Success Team

Application prefill and automated quoting, binding and issuance speed the purchasing process.

  • Quote and purchase in minutes
  • Optimize customer acquisition

An ecosystem of insurance products makes it easy to bundle coverage.

  • Always say yes to the customer by bundling policies from other carriers with your own
  • Boost maximum customer lifetime value
  • Improve renewal rates
  • Increase cross-sell opportunities and facilitate growth
Customer Success Team

BOLT X, an extended array of servicesReduces insurer costs while accelerating your customer success efforts


Submission, quote, bind and servicing

Always stay on top of customer policies and proactively manage relationships


Renewals processing

Track policies and provide a streamlined renewal process that encourages customer retention


Billing and accounts receivable

Ensure a smooth and consistent revenue stream with an efficient billing and payment process



Turn customer data into actionable insights and get the edge you need to manage customer relationships proactively

BOLT: Your Insurtech PartnerEvery step of the way.

Product Strategy Team

Responsible for developing the overall strategy and road map with your feedback and success.

Sales Team

Responsible for identifying prospective customer challenges and guiding them through our product line and proposing a solution.

BOLT Circle

Support Team

Provide customer support through the entire onboarding process up to day-to-day operations.

Customer Success Team

Helps to mobilize everyone in our organization to drive your business success.