Sales Center Transformation

BOLT for Sales Center Transformation

The BOLT ecosystem provides the Sales Center Representative the ability to proactively offer and sell proprietary products, with bundled products from other carriers, to ultimately maximize customer solution ownership.

Challenges like limited products, limited competitiveness, state availability, and overall profitability are all solvable through BOLT Solutions.

Sales Center Challenges

  • Traditionally sales centers launch with a monoline product, in a monoline channelThis leads to lower close rates, higher acquisition costs, and thus ultimately lower revenue per customer.
  • With a single product, customer solution offer rates are statistically in the 35% to 40% rangeIn running a Sales Center and working through an entire 15-minute quote transaction to say no 60% of the time is not productive nor efficient. No one wants to set up an operation which plans on disappointing customers or Affinity Partner members most of the time.
  • A choice offer may exist, but disparate systems beyond just getting additional quotes are challengingRepresentatives may be juggling different quote systems, asking questions multiple times including other tasks like binding, CRM data entry, lead management, and other workflows outside of quote process.
  • A new Sales Center may try to leverage existing customer service/support staff to take inbound callsService skills are not sales, and blending these areas may result in much lower bind rates and customer success.
  • Customers can be passed from agent to agentSome centers set up a specialized group that has access to different systems. This can result in potential data loss (re-keying by agent) and poor customer experience.
  • The sales center can lose control of the customer journeyThis would decrease their ability to measure their success and the direct impact.
  • Sales centers have not generally operated in a multi-carrier modelSelling single product is not that same as providing broad solutions. It’s easy to miss material nuances in managing a direct choice approach in this capacity.

We’re here to help.

BOLT's Value Proposition for Sales CentersOur digital distribution platform provides a seamless end-user digital experience in the choice model environment for both Personal and Commercial Lines

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Enhanced customer satisfaction

A customer is coming to you because of your brand – if you can provide them the shopping and buying experience they expect – you own the customer solution


Proven digital transformation

BOLT has delivered this solution to leading insurance carriers and therefore has proven technology, process, markets, and people to demonstrate the instant success

More Revenue

Improved customer retention

A customer who does not have to go to a competitor for coverages you do not currently provide is much more likely to be a long term customer

omni channel

Increased sale of your products

By offering a choice, brand loyalty will lead to more of your own products sold

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Improved sales efficiency

By leveraging a single platform that provides an end to end process to gather customer data, offer yours and other carrier options, and facilitates the bind process, the result is a much more streamlined sales process and timeliness to issue a policy

Case Study: Member Focused Customer Experience Shortfalls


Overview & Challenge

  • Member-focused carrier with an internal agency sales call center that offers Personal Lines
  • The member experience going from the customer product call center to the agency call center was disjointed and not ideal
  • There were very limited LOBs and choices to offer and re-keying of data was the norm


  • BOLT provided a platform with integrations to existing member CRM databases and existing agency management systems
  • BOLT integrated other 3rd party data tools to create a seamless experience for the members and their sales call center staff
  • Launched initially for their internal agency to offer homeowners coverage to members with insurance needs in Florida


  • Successful launch in FL home market in 5 months
  • Launched Auto Choice 2 months later
  • Significant decreases in average handle time due to streamlined processes
  • Agency NPS scores are trending up as they have the integrated process


  • Revenue has increased significantly particularly in Florida as they were not writing there previously
  • Expanded to nationwide Auto, Home and Umbrella coverages
  • Strategically have decided to take the BOLT platform direct outside of exclusive membership, to take advantage of BOLT further

Enabling Choice Model Digital Distribution

Choice Model