Insurance Distribution Platform: $2Bn in Annual Premiums Sold

NEW YORK (May 23, 2019) – BOLT® Solutions, Inc. (, a leading provider of transformational distribution ecosystems for the property and casualty (P&C) insurance industry, reports crossing $2.1 billion in active premiums through the BOLT PlatformTM in the first quarter of 2019.

“We made history in 1Q 2019: no other Insurance Distribution SaaS Platform has crossed the $2 billion-dollar in annual premium sold mark enabling Auto, Home, Specialty, and Small Business products through omnichannel technology,” said Eric Gewirtzman, BOLT’s CEO. “This milestone is significant due to the backdrop: the BOLT PlatformTM enables an ecosystem of product collaboration to happen across multi-channel, multi-company solutions. Five years ago, this was not possible, but our platform capabilities and our focus on the customer has begun to change the industry.”

The BOLT digital platform, puts carriers in control, offering greater competitiveness in the modern age, by bringing sales center, direct-to-consumer, and agent distribution models together on a single platform. Advantages in omnichannel excellence developed through the integration of markets, processes, and people enabled by leading-edge technology.

“We started with an enterprise tested, scalable architecture, built on APIs and microservices,” said Ari Katz, Co-Founder and Chief Architect at BOLT. “It’s quick and configurable, and when matched with our more recent investments into Customer Success Management, this combination has begun to build some clear advantages.”

The number of active users has driven much of this momentum. Realizing the extreme efficiency of the Platform’s digital capabilities and the strength in the market ecosystem, power users (defined as actively using the system over 50 times a month), grew 59 percent in the first quarter of 2019.

“The future of insurance hinges on ecosystems and the growth of our enterprise customers shows some real momentum,” said Tom Hammond, President of U.S. Distribution. “I am most excited about the platform’s ability to support the smaller InsurTechs who are bringing new products to the marketplace, and by plugging them into our -distribution ecosystem, we are co-building tremendous growth in just months.”

BOLT Solutions will be showcasing its newest platform product, BOLT X, at the Dig|In conference next week, offering demonstrations of the streamlined and efficient platform capabilities from May 29th through the 31st in Austin, Texas.

About BOLT Solutions Inc.

BOLT® Solutions, Inc. (, the leading provider of transformational distribution ecosystems for the P&C insurance industry, is helping insurers transform the way they sell and market their products to consumers and small business owners. Compatible with existing infrastructure, the BOLT PlatformTM provides a single interface that connects seamlessly with insurer systems and improves carrier reach through an integrated ecosystem environment. Insurers gain the ability to bundle products from other carriers with their own, positioning them to meet all the customer’s needs without underwriting additional risk. Designed to connect sales center, direct-to-consumer, and agent distribution models, the BOLT Platform delivers the optimized solutions, and ideal experience customers expect today.