BOLT® Solutions, Inc. Delivers Message on Maximizing the Online Insurance Shopping Experience at 2016 AIRNC

BOLT® Solutions, Inc. Delivers Message on Maximizing the Online Insurance Shopping Experience at 2016 AIRNC

NEW YORK (April 20, 2016) – BOLT® Solutions, Inc. (, the leading digital distribution platform for the property and casualty (P&C) insurance industry led discussions at the 2016 Auto Insurance Report National Conference, drawing on decades of market experience and insights to provide direction on the strategic and tactical advances that will shape the future of the auto insurance industry.

CEO Eric Gewirtzman was joined by Media Alpha CEO, Steve Yi, and TransUnion Vice President, David Drotos, in addressing over 200 carriers. The session titled, “Maximizing the Online Insurance Shopping Experience,” discussed evolving trends in customer buying preferences and highlighted the struggles many carriers are facing in meeting a full range of customer needs. This concern has been increasing as online shopping expectations evolve and insurers struggle to keep up.

“Insurers must advance into full-service carriers dedicated to meeting a complete range of customer needs,” said Gewirtzman. “Leading insurers who have invested heavily in attracting customers are recapturing income by serving their customers’ primary need and then cross-selling them additional products, even if it isn’t an offering included in their standard suite of offerings.”

Gewirtzman, a visionary who has developed products and services for the insurance industry for over 20 years, educated insurers on advances in digital distribution, including solutions that work with existing technology. “Waiting to overhaul core systems isn’t the answer to digital distribution,” Gewirtzman said. “Insurers won’t be up and running in time to recoup their investment. Fortunately, the technology exists to turn insurers’ core systems into digital distribution powerhouses.”   

As a leading industry veteran, Gewirtzman was also featured in the conference program, sharing insights from his two decades of experience. Executive Vice President, Tom Hammond, and Senior Vice President of Enterprise Marketing, Kathleen Garlasco, joined Gewirtzman at the conference.

About BOLT Solutions Inc.

BOLT® Solutions, Inc. (, the leading provider of digital distribution solutions to the P&C insurance industry, is helping insurers transform the way they sell and market their products to consumers and business owners. Compatible with existing infrastructure, The BOLT PlatformTM provides a single interface that connects seamlessly with back-office systems and improves carrier reach through a vast market network of new products.  Insurers gain the ability to bundle their offerings with those from other carriers, positioning them to meet all of the customer's needs without taking on additional risk. Designed to connect carriers and their agents directly to consumers and business owners, The BOLT Platform delivers the optimized solutions, and ideal experience customers expect today. BOLT is an Actua company (Nasdaq: ACTA).


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