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70% of insurers state a lack of organizational readiness is a critical concern

85% of insurers recognize the need for a digital ecosystem like the bolt platform. Unfortunately, 70% state a lack of organizational readiness is a critical concern when establishing insurtech relationships. The two primary concerns we hear from customers are:

  • The opportunities to monetize their customers as opposed to selling the lead
  • The ability to leverage bolt expertise on the choice platform to drive immediate revenue growth

Our distribution partnership program was created to support our customers and ready their organization for rapid growth. Whether you're a carrier, an MGA, or running an agency, our team of insurance experts can offer strategic support to streamline your processes, digitize your business, and drive a better customer experience.

bolt Insurance Services

The bolt platform means you can instantly diversify revenue streams and product lines. But to service these markets, you need to augment with insights and expertise. Our trained staff can support while you build up this knowledge across a range of workstreams, both licensed and non-licensed.

1Licensed support

Launching new products can be a slow process. Let us do the work and speed up the results.

It can be challenging to keep up with the flow of business. We can jump on board with expert support; including:

  • Surge resources to flex for sudden need
  • Hard to place business
  • Overflow for times when customer's staff can't keep up with the flow of business
  • Renewal Remarketing - allowing your agents to focus on new sales
  • Market Expertise
  • Allows customer's licensed staff to focus on their customers and prospects

2Carrier market incubation

Our expertise can increase your revenue and capacity

Our support means expert insights and fast, easy access to new markets – resulting in new increased revenue and profits.

  • Allows for easy access to get started with new markets
  • Opens avenues for growth that are otherwise inaccessible for customers and prospects
  • No volume requirements
  • No additional training for your agents

3Operational support services

Let us be part of your team – to help your business thrive

When you need more capacity for the crucial, but often time-consuming, aspects of the day-to-day business:

  • Billing activities, including commission management
  • Premium reconciliation
  • Production of insurance certificates
  • Policy management
  • Non-customer facing activities such as non-premium endorsements
  • Download acceptance and management

bolt platform

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