Today’s market is rapidly evolving. BOLT is committed to arming property and casualty insurers with the tools and products they need to navigate the ebb and flow of the industry. BOLT understands that every insurer is in a different place on their path to success; that’s why BOLT offers a comprehensive digital solution designed to meet insurers’ needs at any point during their journey. BOLT helps carriers acquire more customers, expand market share, and realize greater revenue with the digital distribution strategy that’s right for them.

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Introducing The BOLT Platform

Overcome the hurdles to achieving digital prominence, while delivering the advanced product selection your customers demand.

Works with existing technology
No need for technology overhauls, enhancements or upgrades to core systems.

Delivers a robust selection of products
Meet more of the needs of your customers, more of the time by bundling your products with those from other carriers through the BOLT Platform’s tightly integrated market network.

Achieve omni-channel excellence
Online, mobile, chat, text, agent or any way your customer wants to engage, it’s covered with the BOLT Platform.

Speeds the quote-to-issuance cycle
Attract and retain more customers with auto -quoting, -binding and -issuance.

Establishes your digital brand  
Grow your digital superiority with a white-labelled platform custom-fit to your requirements.

Meet consumer needs with the BOLT Platform and realize:

14% increase in premiums
12% increase in customer retention
5% increase in market share
24 % increase in revenue over 5 years

To better meet the needs of insurers at any point during their digital journey, the innovative BOLT Platform™  is available in two versions: BOLT ENTERPRISE and BOLT PREMIER