BOLT prides itself on a strong commitment to customer success. The BOLT ENTERPRISE solution is a perfect example of this commitment. By merging supreme digital capabilities with traditional engagement channels and a robust market network of offerings, the solution gives you everything you need to meet the dynamic shopping and purchasing needs of your customers. Bundle your products with those from other carriers and deliver the one-stop shop your customers are craving.

Isn’t it time to jump into the digital age?


Offer omni-channel engagement
Broad channel engagement for increased customer acquisition and retention.

Meet dynamic customer needs
Bundle products from the full selection of market network carriers with your own, giving customers the exact insurance solution they desire without underwriting additional risk.

Segment consumer targets
Understand your customers like never before with extensive data management capabilities, powerful analytics and both custom and templated reports.

Improve operational efficiency
Streamlined access to customer data eliminates data re-entry and reduces errors, while lowering human resource costs through improved efficiency.

Achieve digital prominence
White labelled SaaS platform enhances digital brand recognition across the markets where you're active and would like to enter.

Deliver customer convenience
A few questions and a couple of keystrokes is all you and your customers need to quote multiple products in a single transaction, boosting premiums, wallet-share, referrals and customer satisfaction with bundled solutions.