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Consumers have grown accustomed to an easy-to-navigate, information-rich shopping experience and multiple channels to research, read reviews, compare options and consider solutions before purchasing. They expect the same from their insurer.

Over $500 billion in premiums will go to insurance companies that have an omnichannel distribution solution. These days, consumers want instant access to information, quotes, and purchasing. The BOLT Platform™ offers you everything required to implement a comprehensive omnichannel distribution solution quickly. You could say its customer-pleasing power right out of the box.

Also, in case you needed another reason, here are some more advantages to implementing The BOLT Platform.

BOLT brings all insurers to a central marketplace, increasing efficiency and velocity as more products and participants are increasingly added into the network.


Increase Premiums

Sell 1.4 more of your own products and grow premiums, by bundling solutions you don’t underwrite with those you do. The BOLT Platform’s universal market network of products expands your options, enabling you to provide more of the coverage your customers need, more of the time.

Drive More Revenue per Customer

What if you could quote, bind and issue all of the coverage your customers require and make marketing dollars go farther? The BOLT Platform has the engagement channels customers want and the products you need to gain wallet share. Stop deferring business and start making sales every time opportunity knocks.


Greater Customer Retention and Loyalty

The BOLT Platform helps you and your agents serve all of your customers’ needs. By bundling products you manufacture with those from other carriers, you become a one-stop shop, fulfilling more of your customers’ insurance requirements, without taking on additional risk.

Capitalize on a $500 Billion Dollar Multi-Channel Distribution Opportunity

The reality is, you need to sell the way people buy. BOLT delivers the omnichannel opportunities of an always-open, one-stop shop—without the hassles of internal upgrades. Stop selling analog insurance in the digital world. Make your leap into the 21st Century with The BOLT Platform.


Flexible and Agile

Rules-based interviews that configure themselves on the fly to minimize and customize the interview process for any product. This flexible and agile approach enables a consistent quote, bind and service platform for the product types. The platform can support and exploit new insurtech product entrants.